‘Likes’ from all the king’s men: how Facebook groups inflate Zelensky’s popularity

'Bukvy' have looked at feeds and pages of Zelensky's supporters to see how his social media campaign and messaging have changed after a network of fake accounts and compomised Public groups affiliated with his officials were removed by Facebook earlier this year.

News 15 Sep, 19:53
Bill on oligarchs creates risks for freedom of speech in Ukraine, – CNN leading commentator

Zelensky’s legislative initiatve draws criticism from Fareed Zakaria, a journalist, political commentator and the host of CNN’s weekly public affairs show.

News 13 Sep, 11:24
‘ Wagnergate’ – What we learnt from report of special parliamentary commission

Special parliamentary commission investigating  a failed Wagner mercenaries capture has reported its first findings at a briefing  Friday. The results of parliamentary investigatio ...

News 10 Sep, 18:45
CNN report counters  Zelensky claims of Ukraine’s non-involvement in Wagner group capture plan

The latest report by CNN  reveals new details behind the failed capture of Wagner mercenaries n Minsk orchestrated by Ukrainian intelligence. The investigation contradicts earlier Zelenesky’s statement that the sensitive operation was ‘the idea of other countries’

News 8 Sep, 10:56

Why did the Biden Adminstration snub Elon Must at electric-vehicle summit at the White House

'Bukvy' take on why the Biden administration did not invite Tesla and SpaceX CEO to July 4 electric-vehicle summit and what it has to do with Covid pandemic.

Bohdan Myroshnykov
Thoughts 6 Aug, 22:21

The lesson Ukrainian politicians should learn from Andrew Cuomo sexual abuse scandal

Andrew Cuomo, the 63-year-old governor of New York, known to the media as a women’s rights and LGBTQ+ advocate faces allegations of sexual harassment. His alleged misconduct provoked a firestorm of criticism with politicians from both Republican and Democratic camps now calling for his resignation

Anastasiya Pechenuk
Thoughts 6 Aug, 20:40

Government greenlights Ukraine’s foreign policy draft strategy: Key points

On June 9, 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved Ukraine’s foreign policy draft strategy, which should be followed until 2024.

News 9 Jun, 15:42


How to cook delicious pierogi: brand recipe from chef of Ukrainian restaurant in Manhattan

Dumplings, also known as ‘pierogi’ and ‘varenyky’, is one of the most popular Ukrainian dishes. Today we offer you a brand recipe for beef rib dumplings from Dmytro Martseniuk, the chef of ‘Veselka’ Ukrainian restaurant in Manhattan.

18 Sep, 08:32
Nazarii Chornyi
lawyer and investigative reporter
Political advertising, social media and FBI

Ratings are a capricious thing that needs constant attention and support. It is especially difficult to to create the semblance of ‘people’s love and approval’ in social networks, where one person can sometimes appear in dozens of avatars, names and accounts. Moreover, the attempts to use bot farms attract the attention not of a potential voter, but of law enforcement officers.

16 Sep, 18:54
Cake from childhood: simple recipe of honey tart

The famous and popular ‘Medovyk' is the traditional autumn dessert. 'Bukvy' learned the secrets of cooking medovyk from Dmytro Martseniuk, the chef of ‘Veselka’ Ukrainian restaurant in Manhattan.

12 Sep, 14:08
Potato pancakes from Manhattan: simple recipe of popular dish

Potato pancakes, known in Ukraine as deruny, is definitely the ultimate comfort food and so ridiculously easy, which makes the recipe a go-to for a weekend morning meal. 'Bukvy' learned the secrets of deruny-making from Dmytro Martseniuk, a three-time winner of the New York potato pancakes festival and the chef of ‘Veselka’ Ukrainian restaurant in Manhattan.

11 Sep, 08:23
Music and politics in the XX century. Rediscovering broken and forgotten Ukrainian composers

Ukrainian classical music endured flames of two world wars. It was tormented, dragged through the mud and weeded out of our memory. Yet it defied taboos and repressions coming on stronger in its full variety.

6 Sep, 17:11
Second after ‘Dnipro’ hotel: is privatization of ‘President Hotel’ necessary?

The State Property Fund has launched large-scale privatization.

3 Sep, 13:12