Wounded Ukrainian soldiers in Azovstal: photos

Azov regiment has posted on Telegram the photos of the wounded soldiers still defending Azovstal plant in Mariupol. The servicemen need urgent medical help and surgeries.   Ma ...

News 10 May, 18:12
Famous Ukrainian artist dies after Bucha’s month of terror

Ukrainian artist Lubov Panchenko became famous in the 1960s with her pictures full of folk motifs. She was persecuted by the Soviet authorities for her works that revived Ukrainian ...

News 1 May, 11:57
‘We will not be destroyed by any horde or wickedness’, -Zelensky and other Ukrainian political leaders deliver Easter greetings

On Easter Sunday, Ukrainian political leaders offered their greetings to Ukrainians amid subdued celebrations of one of the biggest Christian holidays. 

News 24 Apr, 12:24
Russia invades Ukraine

Ukraine woke up to the news of war unleashed by Moscow.

News 24 Feb, 06:27

Why did the Biden Adminstration snub Elon Must at electric-vehicle summit at the White House

'Bukvy' take on why the Biden administration did not invite Tesla and SpaceX CEO to July 4 electric-vehicle summit and what it has to do with Covid pandemic.

Bohdan Myroshnykov
Thoughts 6 Aug, 22:21

The lesson Ukrainian politicians should learn from Andrew Cuomo sexual abuse scandal

Andrew Cuomo, the 63-year-old governor of New York, known to the media as a women’s rights and LGBTQ+ advocate faces allegations of sexual harassment. His alleged misconduct provoked a firestorm of criticism with politicians from both Republican and Democratic camps now calling for his resignation

Anastasiia Pecheniuk
Thoughts 6 Aug, 20:40

Government greenlights Ukraine’s foreign policy draft strategy: Key points

On June 9, 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved Ukraine’s foreign policy draft strategy, which should be followed until 2024.

News 9 Jun, 15:42


Maksym Holova
Story of World War II veteran who fell victim to Russian invasion

On February 24, the Russian Federation launched a full-scale war against Ukraine. Russian president Vladimir Putin, among other things, motivated this decision by the need to free ...

9 May, 10:42
Kateryna Roshuk
Co-founder and CEO of Bykvu, owner of reputation management agency Reputation Security
‘Victims. Remembrance. Mariupol.’ The story of the Telegram channel chronicling death and loss in the southern Ukrainian city

The Telegram channel called ‘Victims. Remembrance. Mariupol” collects the names and stories of the people who died in the Russian onslaught on Mariupol.

5 May, 16:55
Nazarii Chornyi
lawyer and investigative reporter
‘Independent’ separatist states in Ukrainian Donbas. Did Putin decree change the situation for good?

What can be real implications of the move and what does Ukraine need to do in the situation?

22 Feb, 15:02
Zelensky’s ‘army’ of bots: Part 4

‘Bukvy’ continues to publish investigative materials about how government officials and their surrogates use fake accounts to promote narratives on Facebook.

4 Feb, 13:10
‘Zelensky doesn’t know how to be a president – he is still shooting a TV series’, – psychiatrist Tina Beradze

‘Bukvy’ speaks with Tina Beradze about Russian aggression in Ukraine and Georgia, about what to do in the condition of constant stress, and Zelensky’s readiness to fulfill his duty.

31 Jan, 11:40
Social media reacts to Zelensky video address

Zelensky's video address took some flak over his 'don't panic' message amid reports of Russia's military threat.

20 Jan, 16:13