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‘Bukvy’. Description, mission, policy, principles, standards, ownership structure, funding.



‘Bukvy’ is a Ukrainian information company (registered as an information agency in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine), which covers events in Ukraine and the world.

 ‘Bukvy’ operates on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, Viber and has own website https://bykvu.com in the Ukrainian and English languages where news, thoughts and commercial materials are posted.

‘Bukvy’ has a powerful community that includes more than 14 million visitors, and during the war between Russia and Ukraine, actively joined the fight on the information front.



To serve the Ukrainian people, to work in the interests of the Ukrainian state, to strengthen national self-awareness, identity and the desire for freedom.

‘Bukvy’ is always ready to interact with the audience on social media, to build relationships based on trust and responsibility.

‘Bukvy’ invests in the creation of the Ukrainian content and was one of the first Ukrainian media to completely abandon the Russian language on the website and on social networks, thus redirecting investments in the creation of the content in Ukrainian.

 Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, ‘Bukvy’ has focused on documenting Russia’s crimes against Ukraine, informing the audience about the price of the struggle for statehood, the heroism of Ukrainians, the self-sacrifice of the defenders of our state, and the responsibility to those of them who need attention and help.

Bukvy’ is making efforts and directing available resources to draw attention to the Ukrainian military and civilian population affected by the Russian aggression.



Formation of a healthy information climate in Ukraine and the world.

‘Bukvy’ protects the information interests of Ukraine in the war against Russia. ‘Bukvy’ does not tolerate, but also does not guarantee the absence of hate speech regarding the actions of Russia and its citizens in the war against Ukrainian statehood and citizens of Ukraine (hate speech is permissible only in cases when it reflects the public sentiment of the population and serves the purpose of the victory over Russia).



Serving the interests of the community, commitment to democracy, respect for human rights, gender equality, cultural diversity, protection of the right to freedom of thought and expression, and responsible information consumption.

“Your entire perception of the world is made up of what you see, read and consume online, and if you do not have a sense of what is real and what is not, it is pretty scary”, a quote from a Twitter employee with which we agree.

‘Bukvy’ works to make the world a better, safer place. The levers we have for this are safe and reliable information and communication with the audience.



‘Bukvy’ adheres to the standards of IMI (Institute of Mass Information), which are considered a model of professional journalism standards, namely:

  • maintaining a balance in news and editorial content;
  • comprehensiveness and impartiality of coverage of events;
  • reflecting the position of all parties to the conflict;
  • observance of the principle of impartiality and avoidance of manipulations and evaluative judgments;
  • reliability;
  • separating facts from comments.

It is unacceptable to publish fakes and violate the ethical standards of journalism – hate speech (the position regarding Russia and its citizens is outlined above), gender, racial, religious, age, etc. discrimination, publication of paid materials (aimed at improving/deteriorating or creating a positive/ negative image of political parties, individual politicians or people, trademarks or individual products, government structures, charitable foundations, religious organizations, and not marked as advertising in a manner prescribed by law and obvious to most readers).

A list of special marks is provided in each material, indicating what the presence of these marks means in the material, and whether it is published as an advertisement.


Full description of the IMI standards.

The content published on the website will not necessarily be published on social networks. The content published on social networks is not necessarily published on the website. The decision regarding each individual publication is made taking into account the information request of the ‘Bukvy’ community on each of the platforms separately.

 The opinion of ‘Bukvy’ team members on their social media pages is their private opinion and does not necessarily reflect the position of ‘Bukvy’, but the employees should understand that they are the representatives of the brand and have a responsibility to the community. ‘Bukvy’ reserves the right to make administrative and personnel decisions regarding employees in cases of unethical behavior.


Ownership structure

Founders and ultimate beneficiaries: Petro Terentiev and Kateryna Roshuk.

Link to the information on the ownership structure.



‘Bukvy’ is financed by its own income from advertising and special projects on platforms where the brand and investments from the owners are presented.


‘Bukvy’ management and leadership

Company’s СЕО – Kateryna Roshuk

Website editor – Vlada Didenko

Specialist in managing relations with the audience and head of the legal department – Nazar Chornyi

 For security reasons, information about other employees is published in each individual publication.


Fast facts about ‘Bukvy’:

The FBI launched an investigation based on the ‘Bukvy’ investigation into bot farms: in April 2021, Facebook reported that after reviewing the journalist investigations of ‘Bukvy’, in cooperation with the FBI, it identified and removed two bot networks, the activities of which were associated with the ‘Servant of the people’ political party, the leader of the ‘Dovira’ party Oleh Kulinich, former prime minister Volodymyr Groysman, as well as the sanctioned politician Andrii Derkach and political scientist Petro Zhuravel.

 In 2019, ‘Bukvy’ photo reporter recorded in the Verkhovna Rada how the ‘Servant of the People’ MP was arranging a meeting with a prostitute during the Verkhovna Rada session. After that, ‘Servant of the People’ representatives threatened ‘Bukvy’ in the Verkhovna Rada.

 ‘Bukvy’ recorded the number of violations of the law by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi in a special section that will be renewed.

 From the first minutes of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, ‘Bukvy’ systematically records Russia’s crimes in Ukraine, documenting the stories of wounded and killed Ukrainians.

Selflessly, with kindness and compassion for those affected by Russia’s actions, ‘Bukvy’ is working resolutely so that we can all defeat Russia as soon as possible.


Glory to Ukraine!



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