Bohdan Myroshnykov

30 Sep 2021, 16:42
How ‘Servant of the People’ MPs ‘serve’ people. Ruslan Stefanchuk story

‘Bukvy’ continues a series of articles about MPs, looking into Ruslan Stefanchuk’s biography and incomes.

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6 Aug 2021, 22:21
Why did the Biden Adminstration snub Elon Must at electric-vehicle summit at the White House

'Bukvy' take on why the Biden administration did not invite Tesla and SpaceX CEO to July 4 electric-vehicle summit and what it has to do with Covid pandemic.

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6 Aug 2021, 14:32
Independence Day concert reeking of betrayal

The Independence Day concert raised many questions because of an ambiguous list of participants and paid admission under the guise of ‘charity’. Let’s try to find answers to these questions.

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14 Jun 2021, 19:36
Son of Dmytro Razumkov’s advisor lands a top post at Lviv Customs Office

Illya Nizhnykov, a son of Dmytro Razumkov's advisor, is reportedly among winners of the open competition that is set to bring new management to regional offices of Ukraine's State Customs Office.

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