Nazarii Chornyi

lawyer and investigative reporter

3 May, 11:38
Jeans made and stained in occupied Donbas

On April 30, ‘Business of Fashion’ reported that Russian apparel company ‘Glorial Jeans’ was planning an IPO move. Would we be much bothered about it here, in Ukraine?

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29 Apr, 20:20
Herman Herashchenko: a new ‘boss of Ukrainian energy sector

‘Energoatom’ vice-president Herman Halushchenko was first tipped as a future Energy Minister two weeks ago. Prior to his executive job, he worked as a head of Legal Services of the ...

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5 Apr, 20:31
Kidnapping a man in another country? ‘Let do it together!’

Yet another breech of law by the Zelensky administration comes as no surprise to many people in Ukraine. Publicly branding some individuals as smugglers without any court verdict? Who cares?

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