Nazarii Chornyi

lawyer and investigative reporter

16 Sep, 18:54
Political advertising, social media and FBI

Ratings are a capricious thing that needs constant attention and support. It is especially difficult to to create the semblance of ‘people’s love and approval’ in social networks, where one person can sometimes appear in dozens of avatars, names and accounts. Moreover, the attempts to use bot farms attract the attention not of a potential voter, but of law enforcement officers.

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30 Aug, 08:31
Advertising ocean: how TV advert market was monopolized

And why it will create problems for both customers and TV channels ...

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31 Jul, 09:03
Clashes over Mykola Chaus. So what is going on?

Friday's flurry of events that saw an ungly stand-off between Ukraine's law-enforcement agencies over lost-and-found Mykola Chaus makes people ask a simple question 'What is going on here?'.

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20 Jul, 18:06
President’s foreman Kyrylo Tymoshenko: from Firtash to Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky’s ‘great builder’ is a person far from construction in particular and from infrastructure in general. Kyrylo Tymoshenko has not been involved in public or private infrastructure projects, concerning either his education or career at the President’s Office.

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15 Jul, 17:43
After your money. How ‘Servant of the People’ policies are impacting finances of ordinary Ukrainians

Few Ukrainians fail to take heed of law-makers legislative initiatives. Here is the story of three new laws set to pick the pocket of an ordinary Ukrainians

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5 Jul, 11:33
Moldova’s parliamentary commission views Chaus kidnapping as a way of Zelensky’s pressure on Poroshenko

The expected but no less significant event has recently taken place in the case of ex-judge Mykola Chaus abduction.

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3 Jul, 11:05
How UK ambassador and BBC spread misinformation endorsing Covishield

UK Ambassador to Ukraine and BBC joins the chorus of plaudits throwing their weight behind the Indian-made Covishield with misleading claims and inaccurate facts.

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