In a bid to make the Ukrainian military more mobile on the frontline, Petro Poroshenko Charitable Foundation  joined forces with Ukrainian non-profit groups for a crowd-funding campign  to  buy 12 Leyland DAF 45.150 trucks in Great Britain that are now on their way to Ukraine.

The former Ukrainian president didn’t stop at that – he also covered the down payment for 16 more such trucks. Four-wheel diesel vehicles equipped a winch can secure fast deliveries of supplies to the frontline – from wooden logs to munitions.

Photo by Petro Poroshenko/Facebook

‘Tradionally I and [my wife] Maryna double the funds collected by civil groups Sprava Gromad and Res_Publica.Braty po Krovi. And each hryvna you donate works with double efficiency for our victory,’ said Poroshenko.

Before they set out to Ukraine, the trucks got a full check-up from the Ukrainian volunteer who came over to Great Britain from as far as Canada.

‘God willing they can help our defenders to defeat the Ruscists,’ said Maryna Poroshenko.

The family of Petro Poroshenko and their charity have been actively involved in campaigns and fund-raising effort to help the Ukrainian army.

Since the first days of Russia’s invasion Petro Poroshenko handed money to buy body armor and ballistic helmets, machine guns, equipment for military snipers, vehicles, thermal imaging and night vision binoculars, power generators, military uniforms. And it is only the small part of the efforts of Petro Poroshenko Charitable Foundatin.