MP Serhii Taruta stated on Facebook that 200 bodies of killed local residents were found under the rubble in Mariupol.

He said that his acquaintances, who are now in Mariupol, managed to get in touch with him, adding ‘it is scary even to imagine what they are talking about, but people can’t keep quiet about it’.

‘The bodies of at least 200 people were found in a bomb shelter near the bus station, under the rubble of an apartment block. Bodies under the rubble decompose. In Mariupol, which had the smell of the sea and flowers, now there is a depressing unbearable smell of burned houses and dead bodies’, Taruta wrote.

According to eyewitnesses, the city has become a ‘giant mass grave’. The MP added that the Russians are now covering up the traces of their crimes. In particular, they began to burn the bodies of murdered women, children and the elderly.

Taruta also claims that about 500 civilians were sheltering in the theater when it was bombed by the Russian aircraft.

The MP stressed that Mariupol is a global tragedy, ugly in its brutality, and it will forever remain a dark page in world history.