At least 3 thousand Ukrainians are stuck in a filtration camp in Mariupol suffering from interrogations and mistreatment, said Ukraine’s human rights’ ombudsperson Lydmula Denysova in a statement Tuesday.

Russian occupation forces set up their ‘filtration’ camp at the Mariupol detention center where, among others, they keep some 30 Ukrainian relief workers illegally detained while delivering humanitarian supplies to the people in Mariupol communities.

According to reports, the detained people rep have to go through grueling interrogations with some of them being subject to electric shock torture.

Russians are notably hard on Ukrainian ‘activists, retired servicemen, law-enforcement officers’ who are faced with the delays in their ‘filtration’ meaning their arrest can last up to 2 months, which comes as yet another violation of human rights, said Lydmyla Denisova, urging the international community to designate Russia as a terrorist state.