1,827 bank branches, which is 40% of the total number in Ukraine, are ready for a potential blackout. The premises are additionally equipped with alternative energy sources and backup communication channels, the National Bank of Ukraine stated.

40% of bank branches are ready to provide financial services to clients in the conditions of long-term blackouts. The POWER BANKING joint system is designed to work in the conditions of power outages.

The National Bank stressed that over the past month, this network has grown by more than 1.5 times with 640 bank branches joining it.

There are bank branches in almost 300 towns and villages in all regions of Ukraine. The National Bank set the goal of reaching 35% of the network of each bank.

‘Some banks are still approaching the specified level, but the whole system has already exceeded the expected indicator! Therefore, the number of POWER BANKING branches will continue to grow’, the statement resumed.