Ukraine’s health minister Viktor Lyashko said Russian invaders fired at Ukrainian ambulances and medical workers.

In his video on Facebook,  Viktor Lyashko said  Ukrainian medical workers were targeted with firings in Zaporizhia and Kyiv regions, but, luckily, no-one was injured.

He complained invaders prevented some people in Maryanivka, Kyiv region, to get medical aid, and opened fire about  a  mental hospital in Chernihiv.

Civilians must have access to medical help, said Lyashko, adding that currently 53 Ukrainians are treated for injuries and wound sustained throught  the latest developments.

‘Our medical workers must be ready to work in emergencies and such action of Russian mercenaries are just unacceptable. Civilians must not suffer!’ said Lyashko.

Health minister called on international human rights organization asking for their interference as what we see now is clear violations of Geneva Convention, added the minister.

‘Together we will win! As we are power!’