The ‘Servant of the People’ MP who is leading the parliamentary probe into ‘illegal actions’ of Ukrainian officials tried to side-step questions about the role of Andriy Yermak in an alleged information leak that led to failure of the Ukrainian-led sting operation.

When pressed for an answer, Maryana Bezuhla said  Zelensky’s top aide Andriy Yermak will be made to testify before the parliamentary commission if ‘there is such need’.

Bezuhla argued the MPs are only ‘studying the circumstances and finding an approach on operational level’ and ‘the commission is in constant discussion’.

The ruling party MP shifted focus to a role of Russian intelligence agencies in the story.

The preliminary findings show a trip of Wagner mercenaries to Minsk was initially vetted by Russian intelligence, which later ‘reformatted their active actions and launched a disinformation special operation against Ukraine’ after the Russian hired soldiers were detained by Belarus state security officials.

After  Ukrainian security and intelligence agencies started to collect evidence on Russian military and mercenaries’ involvement in Donbas war back in 2014,  Russia’s intelligence probably got on the trail of it.

Moscow intervened directly right after arrest of the hired soldiers seeking their extradition back to Russia, added the MP.

Bezuhla informed the parliamentary commission is now planning to ask Ukrainian law-enforcement agencies to ‘assess’ the facts of Russia’s disinformation campaign that was allegedly ‘coordinated with some subjects in Ukraine’.

The parliamentary probe is ‘still investigating all the circumstances’, stressed the MP adding that it is still unclear if the sting operation failed due to ‘information leaks, planning short-comings, active involvement of Belarus security agencies, active measures of Russian intelligence or it was combination of several factors’.


Earlier this day, ‘European Sollidarity’ MP Mykola Knyzhytski said that former military intelligence senior Gen.Vasyl Burba is facing pressure from the state officials over his alleged involvement in Wagner mercenaries capture plot.