‘Religiyna pravda’ reported Andriy Yermak obstruction to the meeting of the US top official and the head of Ukraine’s clergy citing the information form three independent sources. The media outlet brought to light the business connections of Andriy Yermak  in Russia claiming that  one of his business partners owns a bank with ties to Vladimir Putine university friends and ruling “Yedinaya Rossya’ party seniors.

In Zelensky’s top aide was earlier cited to be involved with the “Media Group of European Partneship’ film production that listed him and his Russian business partner Rakhamim Emanuilov among its end beneficiaries. Notably, they ares partners in other businesses  (Interpromfinans –Ukraina and M.E.P. Ltd)

In August 2020, Andriy Yermak found himself embroiled in another scandal when journalist Yuriy Butusov accused him of alleged involvement with classified information leaks that led to the failure of Wagner mercenaries capture operation in Minsk.

Zelensky’s top official was interrogated but the investigation on state treason charges, unsurprisingly, produced no tangible results leaving many questions unanswered about the botched covet operation.