The law no.5999 passed by the Verkhovna Rada  will have to be voted again ‘to remove legal inaccuracies’, said ‘Golos’ MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak after a meeting of national security and defense parliamentary committee.

The committee argued another fvote is needed after it became clear that three amendments (#396, 398, 406) approved by MPs were ‘contradicting each other’.

The Verkhovna Rada will vote separately on art.5 to fix its wording.

The article in question provides definition of an ‘oligarch’ and says the decision to recognize a person as an oligarch is made by the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), a body that in the constitution is mentioned as a consultative organ only.

This decision can be made if the council is asked to take up the matter by the Ukrainian government, a member of the NSDC, by the National Bank, by the Security Service, or by the Antimonopoly Committee.


The law set to curb influence of ‘oligarchs’ in Ukraine got 279 votes of MPs in second reading Thursday.