The deputy commander of Azov regiment Sviatoslav Palamar called on the political and military leadership of Ukraine to unblock Mariupol or at least evacuate civilians from the besieged area.

‘Last night we suffered a huge amount of airstrikes, phosphorous munitions, artillery shelling and everything else a barbarian can use against the humanity’, Palamar said in a Telegram statement.

He stated that Russia spent more than one billion dollars attacking Mariupol.

‘163 schools, or 273 kindergartens, or 12 modern hospitals, or 32 maternity hospitals, or 82 pharmacies could have been built on this money. And this is only Mariupol. And what to say about attacking the whole Ukraine’, the commander claimed.

He once again urged the leadership of Ukraine to de-block the city, adding ‘Today I do not say ‘Mariupol is Ukraine’, I say ‘Ukraine is Mariupol’.