Priamyi TV news channel viewership jumped making it the third most watched TV station in Ukraine as of March 20.

In a statement issued on Monday, Priamyi supported the decision of Ukraine’s security council to combine all Ukrainian TV channels into one platform, a ‘unified TV-marathon’.

From the first days of Russia’s invasion, Priamyi journalists have been in the frontline providing extensive coverage of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine.

‘It is about you being the first to learn about the news!’. Priamyi TV channel said its expects the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council to promptly decide on proportionate air time shares for Priamyi and 5 Kanal TV channels so they could contribute most efficiently to the unified state information policy.

‘We are expecting proposals on time slots our TV channels will be responsible for, and find it necessary to involve their newsroom staff in production of information content’. The unified information platform introduced by the Ukrainian president’s decree does not take away the right of journalists to do their job and they can still produce their own information content, stressed Priamyi.