The former president called out Zelensky officials over inconsistent messaging and about  the situation on the Ukrainian borders.

Earlier this month,  Ukrainian intelligence and security council officials shrugged off the reports the established Western media outlets that sounded an alarm about Moscow amassing its troops at the borders,  said Petro Poroshenko at the meeting of conciliation committee  in the Verkhovna Rada Monday.

Ukraine’s defense intelligence played the threat down calling it  part of ‘special information psychological campaign against Ukraine’ while the security council secretary Oleksiy Danylov argued it was ‘not true to life’.

And now, just two weeks later, when the US state secretary Anthony Blinken raises concerns over ‘Russia’s activities on the border with Ukraine’, the [Ukrainian] president’s office has admitted Moscow built up considerable military presence near Ukraine keeping its ‘tanks, combat machines, and Iskander missiles there’.

Petro Poroshenko urged the Ukrainian president to call up a meeting with leaders of parliamentary groups to address the issues ‘threatening   security, energy, and health care sectors’.

The ‘European Solidarity’ leader insisted the biggest concern should be Covid-19 situation adding that ‘losing seven hundred people [to the coronavirus] daily and not responding to it is a crime’.