Mariupol city council reported the death of Natalia Krysylnykova, the head of children protection office in Mariupol.

The city council statement says Natalia Krysylnykova was a person with a big heart and helped orphans a lot. Even after the start of Russian invasion and fighting in Mariupol, she did her best to ensure that children were safe.

‘From the first days of the war, Natalia, risking her life, evacuated orphans and children from family-type homes. She saved them from shelling’, the statement says.

Natalia and her family – a husband and two daughters were killed by the Russian artillery strike when the projectiles hit their house.

‘This is a great loss for the people of Mariupol. We will always remember Natalia, her kindness and heroic deeds. Remember! Forever!’ city council states.