In a press briefing on July 12, the head of  State Security and Defence Council Oleskiy Danylov said the officials are drawing up an ‘action plan’ for domestic internet providers aiming to block Ukraine-sanctioned media outlets and sites.

‘We have different media and it’s not the first year they have been put under sanctions but still there has been  no instrument like norms and laws in what manner such sanctions are set to be imposed’, said Danylov.

When asked by reporters about possible measures the government may take against Facebook groups or Telegram channels, the top official ruled out blocking Facebook in Ukraine though admitted the government is ‘looking into issue’ on how to counter critics on the most popular social platforms.

‘How can one block Facebook in Ukraine? It is impossible. There are some number of people, who are engaged in some political business, political dirt [campaigning] against Ukraine and people who are presently governing the country. .. Now we are considering some processes on how to counter these individuals’, said Oleksiy Danylov.