Kyiv Appeals court has confirmed state prosecutors’ appeal and informed that a hearing on the prosecutors’ appeal is set for May 21.

The prosecutors appeals follows the May 13 ruling of Kyiv Pechersk Distict Court that placed Viktor Medvedchuk, a Russia-leaning politician and Ukrainian MP, under house arrest. The politician is facing charges of high treason.

Before the initial hearing on his case, Medvedchuk spoke to journalists and informed that Prosecutor General’s office sought his arrest suggesting 300 million hryvnas bail option. The politician stressed that freeze of his assets by Ukraine’s Security Council blocks such option.

What we know so far about Medvedchuk case

On May 11, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova issued, a notice of suspicion for two Ukrainian MPs – Viktor Medvedchuk and Taraz Kozak, formalizing the charges of high treason.

In her following joint press briefing with the SBU head Ivan Bakanov, she presented the evidence backing charges against the MPS on three counts of high treason.

The charges cited Medvedchuk involvement in  ‘looting of state natural resources in Crimea’ and alleged disclosure of state secrets that fell in the hands of Russian.

On April 12, Medvedchuk arrived at Prosecutor General’s office accompanied by Illya Kiva and Vadym Rabynovych to be read his the official charges.