Navionika statement clarifying the company position over the Crimean map dispute  comes in response a  report by ‘Bukvy’.

On Tuesday, ‘Bukvy’ reported the US trekking equipment company Garmin tagged  Crimea as part of Russia in its recent update of ‘Roads of Russia. RF.TOPO’ maps.

The media report also revealed that Naonika, Garmin official distributor in Ukraine along with  Garmin UK and US websites  cite Crimea as ‘Russian’.

Facing backlash over  the scandalous Crimean maps, Naonika said in a statement Tuesday it didn’t pledge  support to annexation of Crimea and was going to  remove the incorrect mapping tags of Crimea.

The company said it opened an internal investigation to fix the situation and apologized for the mistake adding it will hold to account persons who used improper tagging for the occupied Ukrainian territory.

‘Bukvy’ reached out to Garmin company for comments on the issue.