Intercepted phone calls of Russian soldiers show they are botaging the commanders’ orders and refuse to go into direct combat on the front.

In one of the intercepts revealed by Ukraine’s security service, the SBU, a Russian troop is heard telling his mother he refused to obey the commander orders as he doesn’t ‘want to be ‘mincemeat’.

‘I refused to go to the frontline today. I refused to perform the task. They did everything to persuade…I said, I do not want to be minced meat’, the soldier said in the conversation.

Another soldier from Krasnodar region complains his unit is pummeled with strikes while troops are on edge ready to mutiny disobeying the orders. He is heard telling over the phone that their unit they was sent a ‘delegation’ from their unit commanders trying to negotiate and talk them into joining the combat with ‘negotiators’ using threats of criminal liability for disobeying the orders.

The soldier claimed the threats did not work either.

‘We are guarding the command post. 130 out of 150 people think the same way. Who will condemn us? We do not martial law yet. They can just dismiss us.’

Such incidents come as evidence of poor morale of Russian troops as many of them say they do not understand what they are doing in Ukraine.