After Russia launched massive missile strikes targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, Ukrainians donate twice as much as earlier.

In October, three most popular fundraising platforms – United24, Return Alive, and Prytula Foundation – raised 1.5 billion UAH.

As reported, during six months of operation, United24 platform raised 6.8 billion UAH.

Ukrainians sent 83% of the funds, or UAH 5.6 billion, to the account of the Armed Forces. 745 million hryvnias came to the account for medical aid, which is 11% of the total amount, while only 429 million hryvnias or 6% were allocated to humanitarian aid.

The amount of donations sharply increased after massive Russian attacks. Thus, after the first major bombing of the energy infrastructure, from October 10 to 16, the amount of transfers per week increased by 36%. The next week’s strikes increased support for the Armed Forces by 2.8 times.

Return Alive Foundation raised almost 5 billion UAH and Prytula Foundation – more than 3 billion UAH. The dynamics of both foundations show the same pattern with the sharp increase after massive Russian strikes.