The ‘European Solidarity’  issued a  statement  Friday in response to shelling of  Ukraine-controlled Avdeevka condemning use of  heavy weapons by pro-Russian separatists fueling escalation at the frontline.

‘In the last few days, there have been ten severely wounded and killed Ukrainian military’ stressed the statement adding that new ‘crime’ of Russian aggressors was made possible due to cowardly president’s policy  that allowed for ‘unilateral withdrawal of troops, reconnaissance drones and counter-sniper groups, and ban on retaliatory fire’.

‘The war is ‘over’ in Zelensky’s imagination and he stubbornly continues to ignore reality. This is the only way to explain the fact that the Russian strike drone flew over Kharkiv region on August 27 and performed its reconnaissance tasks without hindrance. Such a violation of the Ukrainian border should be the reason for the immediate session of the National Security and Defense Council and coordination with international allies’, the statement claims.

The ‘European Solidarity’ party reminded that Zelensky personally guaranteed the return of Ukrainian units to their previous positions in the event of the slightest violation of agreements by the occupiers. However, he does not keep his word.

‘European Solidarity’ called on on the country’s leadership for an urgent video conference with international partners to help to bring back a ceasefire.

In addition, the President’s office should immediately convene a Trilateral Contact Group meeting to address  deteriorating security situation in Donbas and allow unit commanders to make retaliatory fire decisions to protect the civilian population.

‘European Solidarity’ argues  the officials have to bring in a modern video surveillance system along the entire frontline to strengthen the security of Ukrainian soldiers.

‘Mr. President, get out of the comfort zone. The enemy is shelling the Ukrainian land, which you so pathetically promised to defend and reconquer’, the ‘European Solidarity’ party statement concluded.

De-occupation of Crimea and Donbas, as well as the strengthening of sanctions against the aggressor country should become key topics during the Biden-Zelensky negotiations.