Election of  the new parliamentary speaker in place of the dismissed Dmytro Razumkov sparks a row in the Ukrainian parliament.

Petro Poroshenko  entered war of words with Opposition Plaftform for Life MP Nestor Shurich after the latter traded insults with ‘European Solidarity’ representative Oleksiy Goncharenko.

The former Ukrainian president  offered a scathing response calling Shufrich a ‘fifth colomnist’ and ‘Putin’s loyal dog’ whose ‘yelping comes as a ‘loud proof’ ‘European Solidarity’ party is doing the right thing.

Poroshenko said Ukraine is now facing a new ‘parliamentary crisis’ amid ‘chaos’ in the country’s economy, energy sector, pandemic, defence and foreign policy.

The Thursday parliamentary session was marked by high-tension debates about who can take the speaker’s chair after Razumkov’s removal.

‘European Solidarity’ leader called on MPs to back his party fellow Yana Zinkevich, known for  her volunteer and charity work in Donbas region. She is facing competition from her party fellow Oleksiy Goncharuk and ‘Servant of the People’ acting deputy speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk after two more nominated MPs – independent Geo Leros and ‘Golos’ Yaroslav Zheleznyak pulled out ahead of the election.