Anna Ivanivna from the village in Kharkiv region made the headlines last weer after the footage of her grasping a Soviet flag outside her home when Russian troops stormed her village went viral.

The video caught the eye of Russia’s propagandists who used it as a visual prop for  the narrative claming Ukrainians are welcoming Russian ‘special operation’.

The Russian television misreported her story, said distressedAnna Ivanina, arguing she went out with a Soviet flag to call out the Russian troops over ‘pummelling’ Ukraine, while the fallout from their propaganda made her look a ‘traitor’.

The irony of the situation being that the old lady’s own house war ruined by a Russian shell and she and her husband had to be evacuated to Kharkiv to avoid occupation, said Ukraine’s Center of Strategic Communications, arguing that Anna Ivaninvna now regrets her Soviet flag misstep and feels bitter that she unwittingly hurt Kharkiv people who suffered from Russian aggression.