The law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada comes under fire because of possible violations as several opposition MPs file the complaint to the law enforcement agencies.

‘European Solidarity’ MP Artur Herasymov called the vote a ‘criminal offence’ which ‘disrupted parliamentary system in Ukraine’.

The handling of law procedure also drew criticism of MP Rostyslav Pavlenko who claimed ‘it was obstruction of the MPs activities and abuse of power by senior president’s officials’. He added it led to contradictory amendments, hurried vote and decisions, which cancel each other.

MP Volodymyr Viatrovych said the law aims to give more powers to the president and put pressure on media policies.


What is wrong with the ‘law on oligarchs’?

International experts are convinced the ‘law on oligarchs’ is a way to the usurpation power.

British historian Neil Ferguson called Zelensky’s bill a ‘dangerous precedent’, attempting to create exceptional laws for specific social groups.

Fareed Zakaria also voiced concern that the law poses a risk to the free functioning of the media and freedom of speech in Ukraine.

Anders Oslund, a leading international expert on national economies, directly compared Zelensky’s initiative to Vladimir Putin’s steps at the beginning of his path to absolute power in the 2000s.