European Solidarity party leader and former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko said Moscow called the mobilization out of ‘despair’ after its plans to defeat Ukraine fell flat.

In his speech before Ukrainian lawmakers on Wednesday, Poroshenko branded the Russian president as a ‘maniac dictator’ who feels helpless dealing with ‘unity of Ukrainians, the Ukrainian army and international partners’.

Ukrainian troops just keep ‘grinding’ Russian invaders on the Ukrainian territory. He also argued the mobilization called in Russia comes as a strong signal to Russians – it will open their eyes to the fact it is not some ‘military operation’ but rather a full-scale war they will have to pay the price.

Poroshenko called on Ukraine’s allies to step up their support of Kyiv.

‘The UN has to suspend Russia from the Security Council, NATO has to make Ukraine its member and give the plan toward the membership,’s said the former Ukrainian president.