At a briefing, Ukraine’s information minister Mykhailo Fedorov said that on Friday, August 20, at 10:00, Ukraine was officially connected to the European system of certificate compatibility.

Currently, Ukrainian COVID certificates are in the final stage of beta testing. In the near future, when PlayMarket and AppStore update the ‘Diia’ app, Ukrainians will be able to get certificates.

According to Fedorov, this is a maximum of ‘a few days’ (and possibly ‘hours’), because updates have already been sent to PlayMarket and AppStore.

Additional information about this is promised to be published separately.

He urged Ukrainians to follow the information on the websites of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

‘When planning a trip, it is very important to rely on the information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health. The information is updated and new versions appear. Therefore, it will take a few more days for all Ukrainians to receive the updated version. It depends on Google and Apple. We did everything that depended on Ukraine. Now it takes a few more days’, Fedorov explained.

(Video from 12:10)


How to get a COVID certificate?

The information ministry also explained in detail how Ukrainians will be able to get a COVID certificate.

This will require:

  • Install the ‘Diia’ app.
  • In the updated version, to go to the ‘Services’ section.
  • Select ‘COVID certificate’.
  • Sign the ‘Diia’ app.
  • Click ‘Get certificate’.
  • The COVID certificate will appear on the smartphone.