The former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko welcomed yesterday’s resolution of the UN General Assembly, which condemned Russia’s attempt to annex Ukraine’s territories.

‘I welcome the vote on the resolution of the Eleventh Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly on Ukraine! No attempt of illegal grab of our territory by Russia will work. Neither today, nor tomorrow, never ever the world will accept it.’ – Poroshenko wrote on Facebook.

He thanked Ukrainian diplomats and Armed Forces as well as all partner countries that support Ukraine in repelling Russian invasion.

‘Deep gratitude for this to the Ukrainian professional diplomacy and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We enjoy trust and support, the whole world has faith in us’, the former president states.

Petro Poroshenko also called on the international community to kick Russia out of the UNO as it was done with the Soviet Union when it invaded Finland in 1939.

‘Time has come to expel Russia from the UN, as it once happened with the USSR and the League of Nations. Anyone who violates the basic principles of peaceful coexistence should be fairly punished’, – Poroshenko concluded.