Ihor Holovan, Poroshenko’s lawyer, announced Wednesday the court  has finally opened a civil offence case against  BIHUS.INFO journalists.

Legal team of Petro Poroshenko went  to court over the media report that  claimed the former Ukrainian president used services of pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk to delay prisoners swap with Moscow for own political gains.

‘The court tried to protect BIHUS.INFO and those behind them , claiming the lawsuit will not be of any public interest,’ argued Holovan, adding the case was stalled due to delays and ‘bureacratic hurdles’.



What we know about ‘Medvedchuk tapes’

  • Bihus.Info report alleged Petro Poroshenko used delay of an earlier negotiated prisoners swap involving Ukrainian hostage Andrii Hrechanov for political gains.  The journalists said ‘Opposition Platform for Life’  Viktor Medvedchuk addressed the issue in his taped calls with  leaders of Donbas separatists on request from Poroshenko.
  • Petro Poroshenko condemned the biased claims of BIHUS.INFO report, adding that  ‘using the issue of hostages and prisoners of war for political attacks against opponents is intolerable’.
  • On July 6, 2021, lawyers of Petro Poroshenko filed a lawsuit against president Zelensky pushing for disclosure of raw uneditted ‘Bihus tapes’ archives.