During his press conference with Estonian president Alar Karis who is visiting Kyiv on Tuesday, Volodymyr Zelensky admitted Ukraine can break up diplomatic relations with Russia.

He said the move was offered by Ukraine’s foreign ministry and he was going to ‘look into it’.

In his comments, the Ukraine’s president called Russia’s recognition of the two separatists’ states in Donbas a ‘new act of aggression’ against Ukraine that will pave the way for the military invasion and defies all the international norms.

The situation demands a swift response from the west and scrapping   Nord Stream 2 pipeline should be among the first sanctioning steps.

He thanked Estonia for the military supporty it has sent of late, adding Kyiv doesn’t plan to order martial law in the country, yet it is still an option that can be activated once the situation escalates dramatically.

Zelensky called on Russian officials to pull back its troops, stressing that only diplomatic efforts can help resolve the situation.