In a statement posted on crowdfunding platform, the journalists said that they ‘ were all fired by the newspaper’s owner on Nov. 8 for defending editorial independence. This was the end of the Kyiv Post as a trustworthy and reliable news source about Ukraine’.

The move was prompted by the rift between the Kyiv Post newsdesk and the news outlet owner.

The journalists add they ‘won’t be silenced. Ukraine needs on-the-ground English-language journalism of the highest quality and our community needs a news source it can trust.’

They also stated their core principles of their new media, aruing that

  • The Kyiv Independent will serve only its readers and community. It will not serve the interests of owners, corporations or authorities.
  • The Kyiv Independent is a Ukrainian media outlet, co-founded and led by young Ukrainian journalists. It will work in the best interest of the people of Ukraine.
  • Editorial policy will be decided and carried out by the newsroom in the readers’ best interests. Any attempts to influence it from outside will be blocked.
  • The Kyiv Independent will always be at least partly owned by journalists.
  • To preserve independence in the future, the Kyiv Independent will strive to reach financial sustainability.

Earlier, the owner of ‘Kyiv Post’ Adnan Kivan said he was temporarily suspending the work of the oldest Ukrainian English-language newspaper claiming it would get ‘bigger and better’ after a ‘reboot’.