In an interview with ‘Ukrainska Pravda’  the speaker  of Ukraine’s parliament Dmytro Razumkov said the controversial law will be submitted to  Venice Commission for yet another review.

The speaker stressed the Ukrainian president Zelensky supports the initiative to send this law for consideration to the Venice Commission.

The law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada came under fire because of possible violations as several opposition MPs filed the complaint to the law enforcement agencies.


What is wrong with the ‘law on oligarchs’?

International experts raised concerns over the ‘law on oligarchs’ with some of them claiming it could pave the way  to usurpation of power in Ukraine.

British historian Neil Ferguson called Zelensky’s bill a ‘dangerous precedent’ that attempts to create discriminating laws for specific social groups.

CNN political commentator Fareed Zakaria argued that the law could poses a risk to freedom of the press in Ukraine, while Anders Oslund, a leading international expert and economist, compared Zelensky’s initiative to Vladimir Putin’s policies of early 2000s that helped to cement his authoritarian grip over Russia.