The Russian forcers are becoming entrenched at Lysychansk as the city remains fiercely contested as the enemy is deploying  ‘all its forces’ to wrest control it, said regional governor Serhiy Gaidai on Sunday, adding the aggressors’ assault is marked by the ‘unclear brutal tactic’.

Lysychansk is literally ablaze, added the governor.

As Russian troops are pushing forward they are laying waste to all the buildings in the city – it is far worse then in Severodonetsk where some houses and offices remained intact.

While the city defenders managed to destroy several ammunition depots in the area, the Russians bounce back bringing in new manpower and equipment.

Gaidai said they are also digging in at Verkhokamyanka and are stepping up artillery assaults on Zolotarivka and Bilogorivka.

One wounded woman was rescued and rushed to hospital in Dnipropetrovsk region while emergency services managed to put out several fires in the area.