Sirens were heard blaring overnight across Ukraine while numerous blasts were soon reported in Chernihiv and Kyiv regions after Russian forces launched rocket strikes in the early hours on Thursday.

The attacks were confirmed on social media by the two local governors.

Chernihiv governor Vyacheslav Chaus said  that at least 10 rockets that allegedly came from neighboring Belarus targeted the Goncharivska community  around 5am.

‘Today we all woke up very early and this awakening was very disturbing, we could hear explosions. After 5am, large-scale rocket launches from the territory of Belarus. There is preliminary information about a hit near Goncharivske,’ wrote the governor on Telegram.

The rocket strike was later confirmed by Ukraine’s ‘North’ Command, though it said it the region was hit with  at least 20 rockets.

‘Currently, we know about 9 strikes [hitting] the territory of Goncharivkse community that fell on the forested area. Our air-defense system also worked. No news about victims so far. More details coming later,’ wrote North Command.

Explosions were also heard in Kyiv region where the aggressors struck an undisclosed infrastructure site in Vyshgorod community, according to local governor Oleksiy Kuleba.

‘The information about the victims is yet to be clarified. The emergency teams are already woring at the site,’ added Kuleba.