Andriy Biletsky issues a scathing statement  following a сrackdown on ATO veterans and National Corps activists staged by the SBU in Kharkiv.  National Corps leader alleges that such ‘cleansing’ is used to intimidate activists and curb growing protests in Ukraine.  Veterans with an active pro-Ukrainian position will be the first to come to the streets if they see that Zelensky is betraying the national interests of our country, argues Biletsky

‘Realizing what kind of autumn awaits Ukraine, Zelensky’s team attempts to clean up the field of a patriotic-active veteran environment. There is a possibility of ‘energy Maidan’. We all see what is happening with food prices and how much they are ahead of the salary. In addition, Zelensky will have to deal with Steinmeier Formula in the fall. I think that is exactly why the President’s office wants to discredit veterans and patriotic circles’.

Blasting  allegations against Kharkiv activists as ‘baseless’,  Biletsky promised the National Corps will ‘fight for its people’.

‘This story was invented solely to show ATO volunteers and veterans as aggressive and inadequate people. This is a staged campaign by law enforcement agencies, the so-called law enforcement agencies. This is definitely a presidential campaign.  In this case, they crossed redlines. I do not see any crime. I believe that this case is simply falsified from beginning to end for political reasons’, the politician said.

Biletsky says Ukrainian nationalist organizations are set to join forces to address the smear campaign and ‘defend their fellows’. There will be a consolidated position of nationalist organizations on the case against ATO veterans.

‘We will protect our people. If the right to fair justice is driven away from people, then we will defend it and we know how to do it. There is law, but there is justice’,  stressed National Corps leader.