The occupiers continue their frontal assaults from all directions to overrun the bigger cities of Donetsk region, but the Ukrainian armed forces are staving off the Russian push, said Luhansk governor Serhiy Gaidai in his Thrusday update from the frontlines.

Trying to accomplish their combat missions, the enemy is now deploying more storm units and aircrafts.

On Wednesday, the Russian forces launched at least 4 airstrikes. ‘Unfortunately, two rockets hit the targets,’ added the governor. The Ukrainian-controlled communities were also 4 times hit with mortar fire. Overall, the Ukrainian troops repelled 6 out of 7 assaults making the enemy withdraw. At least 4 times saw Russian deploy tanks to help their massed artillery. Suffering losses, the enemy rolled back at Bilogorivka and Verknokamyanske.

Meanwhile, occupied Severodonetsk is still cut off water, gas, and power. The occupational forces are putting off critical infrastructure repairs in the city with their main focus shifting to schools. Their plan is  to resume studies in 4 local schools although currently  the number of children enrolled for a new school year stands at some 500 pupils meaning they can hardly fill one school, while before the Russian onslaught the city had 20 fully operational schools.