While slapping sanctions on Russian businesses, Ukraine’s state security council appears to have given a miss to its arms producers and aulixilary contractors as only 3 military complex companies have so far suffered such restrictions, according  Trap Agressor analytical center.

In its official response to the watchdog information request, Ukrainian officials provided a list of 298 Russian citizens and 241 companies, which showed that 98%  of the entities targeted were mostly Russia’s educational institutions and their managers.

Ironically, it included  only2 banks and 3 military-related businesses.

The policy blacklisted  Kronshtad company producing Orlan drones, and two more  companies, ITIS and SYSTEMA, that make radar stations (Voronezh, Konteyner) and space communication systems.

Glib Kanevskyi who leads Trip Aggressor reseach, said Ukraine’s sanctions need clearer ‘priorities’ as many domestic companies are avoiding penalties and assets’ freeze, while keeping doing business with Russians.