OSCE suspends its monitoring mission in Donbas after about 200 protesters confronted OSCE monitors in Donetsk  Saturday demanding release of Andrey Kosyak who was earlier detained by the Ukrainian military.

‘Because of our safety concerns and because of our safety rules and considerations we suspended our operations,’ said the mission head Yaşar Halit Çevik in his comments for Reuters.

According to reports, Kosyak used his involvement with a joint committee that oversees a ceasefire to stage an undercover reconnaissance mission at the frontline positions of the Ukrainian military.


What we know about Andrey Kosyak

The detainee was identified as a serviceman of LNR  Separate Motorized Rifle Cossack Regiment.

In a video released by Ukraine’s security service, Kosyak claims he is an officer of Special Control and Coordination Centre and admits to bringing concealed arms while performing his monitoring duties.

The SBU said the man joined the ‘Bryanka’ separatist armed group  in 2014 and later was part of LNR mortar platoon that fired at the Ukrainian military positions at Popasna and Zolote.

The videos recovered by security officers from Kosyak’s mobile phone show evidence of his involvement in such firings.  The SBU said they have evidence of his involvement in a 2010 murder. Kosyak is facing charges under art.260 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code (‘Creation of unlawful paramilitary or armed formations’).