As pandemic continues to surge and students are back to school, the Ukrainian government looks for incentives that can encourage Ukrainians to get vaccinated and offset the fallout from imminent lockdown.

Government moves to rewrite pandemic polices for schools introducing an 80% vaccination rule for teachers as a pre-requisite for in-class study.


Color COVID-certificates

Another update to quarantine policies sees introduction of color-coded COVID-certificates of two types:

  • ‘yellow’ – with information about the first shot;
  • ‘green’ – with information about the full course.

COVID-certificates will have colored markings only in digital format; printing on paper of the respective color is not required.


Mass events and education

To stay open, schools will be mandated to have 80% of their teachers vaccinated.

The policy will also cover public events requiring the same number of vaccinated employees at cinemas, theaters, museums, other cultural and entertainment establishments, shopping malls, catering businesses, markets, gyms and swimming pools.

In case of a ‘red’ zone introduction, educational institutions will work only if 100% of employees have a ‘green’ COVID-certificate.


Changes for those who come to Ukraine

The government has also decided to drop the self-isolation rule for people coming to Ukraine from the temporarily occupied territories if they have a ‘yellow’ or ‘green’ certificate of vaccination or of recovery from COVID-19.


A COVID-certificate is a digital document in ‘Diia’ app that confirms vaccination, a negative PCR test result, or that a person has recovered from a coronavirus disease.