‘This is the beginning of the end of the Putin’s regime’, said Petro Poroshenko in an interview for MSNBC on Thursday.

The former Ukrainian president struck a defiant note claiming that Ukraine will “never give up” in their fight against Russia’s aggression.

Giving credit to the efforts of the US administration to support Kyiv in these challenging  situation, Poroshenko doubled down on calls for more military assistance arguing  Ukrainians need ‘three things’ to carry on the fight, and those are ‘weapons, weapons, and weapons’.

By helping Ukraine, the West is ‘investing’ in its own security, the ‘global security’ while Ukraine will go about its own ‘main task’ – ‘deputinizing the world’, which will work only if the world stops ‘financing Putin’ and impose the embargo on Russia’a oil, gas, nuclear fuel, and coal to hurt Moscow ‘international trade’. Among other things that could spur the Russia’s defeat could be such practical things like blocking ‘Russian oil tankers and commercial vessels’.

Poroshenko sounded confident that bringing in new 6th round of sanctions will come as ‘the beginning of the end of the Putin’s regime’.