The former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has announced a long-term contract to supply the Ukrainian army with UAVs.

Poroshenko stated that drones proved to be very effective for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ‘European Solidarity” party press service informs.

According to him, he and volunteers are buying a batch of these drones, which are supposed to ‘become the eyes of the artillery’ so that every attack on the enemy is as effective as possible.

‘For obvious reasons, we do not name the manufacturers and do not say where they work. But these are real patriots of Ukraine, real professionals’, Poroshenko said. The project will be called ‘The Eyes of Artillery’.

Earlier, the Poroshenko Foundation and volunteers of the NGO Sprava Hromad purchased the H10 Poseidon Mk II UAV complex for the Airborne Assault Forces.They also bought 350 Autel drones, 11 Italian MLS SHIELD armored vehicles, pickups and trucks for the Armed Forces.The equipment has already arrived at the front brigades.

It is worth noting that the Poroshenko Foundation traditionally doubles the amount of funds collected by volunteers.