“I attended the meeting of the Polish Senate Foreign Affairs and EU policies’ committee that approved the Resolution on the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. I thank the Polish MPs for their unyielding support of Ukraine’s independence and its territorial integrity,” informed on his Facebook account Andriy Deshchytsia, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland.

The Polish Senate says that the resolution is aiming to officially condemn Russia’s aggressive policies toward Ukraine and raise a serious concern over recent concentration of the Russian military troops at the border and increased activities of Russia’s Navy in Black Sea.

“By this resolution the Commission reinstates its support for the right of Ukraine for self-determination and making decisions on its strategic orientation and alliances”, says the statement, adding that “the Commision has ruled that only by the tough stance of the EU and NATO countries could avert further escalation and war.”

The Commission document also expressed its respect to “heroic Ukrainian people who defended their Independence,” calling for support “to Ukrainian patriots guarding the sovereignty of their Motherland”.