Petro Poroshenko explained, inter alia, the reasons for purchasing coal and electricity from the Russian Federation during the energetic crisis and occupation of the Donbas region in 2014–2015. He emphasized that Ukraine had no other choice having ‘Donbas, where 90% of Ukrainian coal was mined, under occupation’.

However, Poroshenko does not understand why Ukrainian authorities resumed cooperation with the aggressor state. Poroshenko called on Volodymyr Zelensky to clarify the above-mentioned situation to him and the Ukrainian society.

‘In my opinion, Zelensky should explain why, in 2020–2021, he is paying a billion of dollars to buy coal and electricity from the occupied territories and Russian after we have adjusted our power stations to the coal which is mined in Ukraine’, stressed Poroshenko.

It should be noted that Poroshenko was called as a witness in the case of Putin’s key Ukraine ally Viktor Medvedchuk charged with high treason. Poroshenko said he does not know ‘why Zelensky broke off with Medvedchuk in 2021 […], in 2019 all the TV-channels owned by Medvedchuk supported Zelenky’s election campaign.’

Poroshenko also claimed that he provided comprehensive explanations on Medvedchuk and Kozak case to SBU investigators.

One of Poroshenko’s lawyers Ihor Holovan stated that Poroshenko provided the investigators with clear and sufficient explanations. Ihor Holovan also claimed that the origin of so-called ‘Medvedchuk’s tapes’ released by is questioned even by the investigators.

Moreover, as another Poroshenko’s lawyer informed, as of June 4 the investigators did not demand any documents.