In his parliament speech, the former president and leader of the ‘European Solidarity’ party Petro Poroshenko called for the abolition of taxation of volunteer and charitable aid in favor, as well as financial support provided to the families of those killed and wounded at the front, the ‘European Solidarity’ press service informs.

Poroshenko drew attention to volunteering, calling it a powerful resource of Ukraine that unites people from east to west. Petro Poroshenko emphasized that 80% of Ukrainians have joined the volunteering movement, even those who are abroad.

However, high taxation of financial aid to the Armed Forces and the families of the killed and wounded hinders volunteer activity.

‘We, Ukrainian MPs, now have to adopt the necessary laws to solve these issues. I firmly believe that we have to do it,’ – the former president said.

Poroshenko also thanked everyone who participated in the project to supply Ukraine with Italian-made armored vehicles.