Poroshenko said he was made to sell his channels ‘5 kanal‘ and ‘Priamyi‘ to a newly established media holding due to the new ‘anti-oligarchs’ law.

The law was signed by Zelensky on November 5 and drew criticism over alleged risks faced by independent media.

In a statement issued Monday ‘5 kanal‘ and ‘Priamyi‘ channels claim the law targets democratic opposition forces.

The journalists of the two channels said they established a new holding ‘Vilni media‘ owned by ‘media workers, journalists, public activists and opposition MPs’, acquiring 100% corporate rights

The journalists stress the deal signed with the former owner Petro Poroshenko rules out any possibility of his interference in editorial policies.

Petro Poroshenko, who is the primal target of the ‘anti-oligarchs’ law, argued that ‘newsrooms of most channels are controlled by Zelensky officials’, adding that ‘they are planning to cease these channels making Zelensky their owner’.