In a Thusday press briefing,  Petro Poroshenko lawyers addressed the claims of a media investigation ‘Bigus.Info’, which according to Illya Novikov,  one of the ‘European Sollidary’ leader’s lawyers ‘were perceived as direct allegations of Petro Poroshenko’s criminal acts’.

Novikov announced that the legal team of Poroshenko filed a written request with ‘Bihus.Info’ media asking them to clarify if their claims on Poroshenko should be regarded as ‘statements or value judgements’.

Poroshenko’s lawers presented evidence to dismiss ‘Bigus.Info’ allegations claiming that Poroshenko ‘exchanged’ his ‘Sevmorzavod’ plant in Sevastopol  for a ‘pipeline’ for Medvedchuk.

According to Novikov, the documents sent to Bigus reporters, are ‘shedding new light’ on the misrepesented story.

The first document is a ‘resolution’ from so-called ‘Sevastopol government’ which listed the businesses and property that were forcefully taken in public use with ‘Sevmorzavod’ topping the list of the confiscated business, said Novikov, stressing that ‘it was the first document issued by the puppet authorities of ‘Sevastopol government’ on behalf of the Russian administration’.

Illya Novikov mentioned another official document of the Russian government of January 31, 2018, that ‘takes in federal use the municipally owned Sevastopol State Inventory Enterprise Sevastopol Navy Plant named after Sergo Ordhzynikidze.

Illya Novikov also cited the Kyiv Shevchenko District Court ruling of May 16, 2016, that upheld the ownership claim to the business dismissing ‘confiscation’ sheme by Russian government.

Warning against ‘gossips’, Illya Novikov called on Bigus reporters to ‘have the courage to make it clear if they state something or articulate fantasies of others’.