The announcement of Kyiv Pecherskiy court verdict scrapping the prosecutor’s motion for Petro Poroshenko arrest made the crowd of his supporters errupt in cheers and patriotic chants.


The procession of some several thousand protesters led by Petro Poroshenko and European Solidarity MPs soon headed to the Ukrainian president’s official residence.


The protesters were marching in celebratory moods carrying posters and placards in support of Petro Poroshenko.  The crowd though stayed away from the plaza in front of the president’s official residence, which was turned into a Christmas location for kids ahead of the seasonal holidays.

Poroshenko’s supporters were in celebratory mood, cheering and chanting.


Earlier in the day, scuffles with police were reported outside the Kyiv Pechersky district court that reviewed the prosectors’ motions in connection to Petro Poroshenko’s criminal case.