During his trip to the east of Ukraine, the former president and leader of the ‘European Solidarity’ party Petro Poroshenko said that the mood of Ukrainians changed after the beginning of Russian aggression, and they got rid of fear. Instead, Russians live in an authoritarian state, and Putin has lost his sense of reality.

In an interview to Priamyi TV channel, Poroshenko said that Putin lives ‘in the shell of his imagination that Ukrainians and Russians are the same people’. However, Ukrainians have already gotten rid of fear.

‘The war criminal Putin intimidated the population of the entire Russian Federation. The people of the Russian Federation live in the position that they are scared to death and cannot fight against Putin. In Ukraine, the situation is radically different. Ukrainians, after 8.5 months of the active phase of a full-scale war, after 8.5 years of war, starting in 2014, came to one principled position – they do not fear. They are not afraid of Putin, they are not afraid of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, they are not afraid of sabotage and intelligence groups, they are filled with rage and are ready to fight back’, Poroshenko stressed.

Poroshenko also noted that the strikes that are currently being carried out by drones on infrastructure and civilian objects only add to the fury. The Ukrainian offensive in Donbas is inevitable, and despite calls for possible negotiations, Poroshenko believes that Ukraine’s army is the best diplomat.

‘In fact, they will have to get out of every inch of the Ukrainian land’, the former president concluded.