According to the report by ‘Ukrainski Novyny’, the recently rebooted TV channel bought 12 episodes of TV talk show ‘Naspravdi’.

Made by production company Kinokit Ltd, the TV show is hosted by Serhiy Ivanov known for his work for controversial political consultant Volodymyr Petrov.

The media report cast a doubt over the transparency of Rada TV commissioning policies due to a‘ backdating’ issue – the TV show was premiered on December 15 while a deal with Kinokit Ltd for its production came two weeks later.

It also calls into question an employment status of Serhiy Ivanov who, besides hosting ‘Naspravdi’ TV talk show, is also hosting live studio interviews for ‘Rada’ TV channel.


Earlier, ‘Rada’ TV channel had already come under fire both regarding its costs and controversial figure of Volodymyr Petrov.