Reports of rape, looting, and killings of women and children leave the aftermath of the Russian invasion in Kharkiv region look as grim as the massacre in Bucha, said governor Oleh Synegubov, in an interview with NV media outlet.

Among the latest catalogued cases are killings of civilians in Gusarivka near Izum, where three people were subjected to repeated torture and later burned alive. Russian attacks in the village also killed children.

In another harrowing example of atrocities, a family of three, including a child, was found shot dead in a car on a local backroad.

Locals also found the body of a local paramedic with his tied hands, exhibiting signs of torture.

Amid warnings of continuing escalation in nearby Donbas, people continue to evacuate, said Synegubov. According to official estimates, at least 700,000 people have left via train, while 300,000 more used their own cars to escape the Russian aggression.

With some people trying to return, the Kharkiv governor warned that there is still a threat that Russia could shift military action back to the region.